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FOLLOW DUKE LAW On Instagram On Facebook On Twitter On Youtube, 210 Science Drive | Durham, NC 27708 | 919-613-7006 Get Directions, 2022 Duke University School of Law, All rights reserved. Jennalee The Law Review Online also publishes Forum entries of up to 5,000 words. student. 409 (1992). Duke Law Journal Online Team Volume 72. "Federalism Lives! Instead, our editors embed hyperlinks in the text. Proposals should include (1) a detailed description of the topic, (2) themes for panel discussions, (3) a list of potential participants,(4) a faculty advisor, and (5) ideas for interactive audience engagement. What Laura Toulme might have wanted to reference while assuming her post as EiC at theVirginia Law Review100 years after the first woman matriculated from the school. > Accessibility Statement, Stuart Minor Benjamin and Kristen M. Renberg, Scholarship@Cornell Law: A Digital Repository, The Paradoxical Impact of Scalia's Campaign against Legislative History, An Essay on the Quieting of Products Liability Law, Closing the Racial Gap in Financial Services: Balancing Algorithmic Opportunity with Legal Limitation, Executive Privilege - With a Catch: How a Crime-Fraud Exception to Executive Privilege Would Facilitate Congressional Oversight of Executive Branch Malfeasance in Accordance with the Constitution's Separation of Powers. LawandContemporaryProblems. DLJ Online No Longer Submissions should present a novel idea or perspective on a topical issue of law. WebThe Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law (DJCIL) publishes original scholarship on international, transnational and comparative law matters. We consider each manuscript we receive using an extensive review process, which can take several weeks. "Tapping Official Secrets, The Door To Open Government in West Virgina;" Chapter Failure to conform to the The Bluebook will be a factor that weighs significantly against acceptance of the manuscript. L&CP also selects up to two transfer students. FOLLOW DUKE LAW On Instagram On Facebook On Twitter On Youtube, 210 Science Drive | Durham, NC 27708 | 919-613-7006 Get Directions, 2022 Duke University School of Law, All rights reserved, Currie Lecture 2023 | Melissa Murray, Dobbs & Democracy. (1979). This historic achievement stands in contrast to representation challenges faced by women in the highest ranks of the legal profession. xref 96 W.Va.L.Rev. Length: The Law Review is committed to publishing work that is concise and readable. ", This is a BETA experience. First published in 1991 as Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum, the Duke Environmental Law and Policy Journal has grown into an interdisciplinary environmental law journal. (with Vish). 0000002322 00000 n 210 Science Drive | Durham, NC 27708 | 919-613-7006. It was a milestone year for these publications, each of which was created by a man, most of which at a time when laws were only being made by and for menchiefly, white men. This item is part of a JSTOR Collection. Additional information about Scholastica is available at www.scholasticahq.com/law_reviews. Perhaps they're taking this down means that they are making corrections, Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of Berkeley Law, told Law.com on Monday. Forum content has a more colloquial style than traditional print scholarship, and the journal encourages submissions with unique voices. & D.C."(Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press, 5th Ed. TheLaw Reviewis now accepting proposals for our Fall 2023 symposium. 0000000716 00000 n Act," 8 J. Envtl. The journal is among the most prestigious and influential legal publications in the country. Thank you for your participation in and support of this endeavor. hb``b``6d```Ia@L@,&"@r7c]y,,,,BXzbV1. Journals The last three years of reported data all show women leading men in representation in law schools in the US. Editor, 3rd -11th Volumes: Annual Institutes, Eastern Mineral Law Foundation (1982-1990) Virginia Water Resources Board and the West Virginia Sago Mine Disaster Investigation. Longwall Mining Methods?," 5 Eastern Min. Request Permissions, Published By: Duke University School of Law. Jarrett, a third-year law student at Duke, resigned as editor in chief of the journal last June because of Stocks proposed essay (according to the note on the journals masthead, students do not select articles for special issues, though they are normally involved in editing and producing issues). West Virginia Water Law, "Chapter in 6 Water and Water Rights," (2005). 10369 (September CLR. 0000046091 00000 n & MARY ENVTL. However, it does not consider student submissions for Articles if the sole author is a current J.D. Authors are welcome to include either footnotes or hyperlinks in their submissions. WebStudent editors work with judges, scholars, and Institute administrators to research and draft reports, articles, and other materials; assist in proofreading, bluebooking, and editing articles for publication in Judicature (the Institutes scholarly journal about judging, mailed to all federal judges and 3,000 state judges in the U.S.); and Inst., Ch. Founded in 1915, the Cornell Law Review is a student-run and student-edited journal that strives to publish novel scholarship that will have an immediate and lasting impact on the legal community. "Defending Our National Parks," (Island Press, 1988) (Chapter 18, pp 465-498 ). Expedited review provides your piece with no competitive advantage in our process. Scholastica is committed to ensuring that authors are able to submit articles regardless of institutional support and will consider requests for fee waivers and other accommodations at info@scholasticahq.com. When Farrah Bara was elected to the editor in chief position at theDuke Law Journalin January of 2019, she noticed that the handful of other top EiCs already announced were also women. 26 0 obj Established in 1951 as the Duke Bar Journal, the Duke Law Journal publishes eight issues a year. The New York Law Journal honors attorneys and judges who have made a remarkable difference in the legal profession in New York. 0000009271 00000 n West Virginia University College of Law: College of Law Scholar Award for Adistinguished If you have received an offer of publication from another journal, please request expedited review of your submission via your author submissions account on Scholastica, and our editors will be immediately notified of your deadline. Citations: Citations must conform to the Twenty-First Edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. Visit Archive. The journal publishes general-interest articles and student notes Twenty-two rising second-year students are selected each year on the basis of academic performance during the first yearat Duke Lawand demonstrated writingability in an annual writing competition. Course of Study: Legal Issues in the Coal Industry; Co-Chair, American Law Institute "Of Pigs and Parlors: Regulatory Takings in the Coalfields," 5 Journal of Mineral Please write Fall 2023 Symposium Proposal in the subject line of the email. Each semester, student members of the Law Review travel to Alaska for one-on-one meetings with legislators and legal professionals to garner insight into the states unique laws. student (at New York University School of Law or elsewhere). It's a high honor but one that comes with a lot of pressure. One by one, each of the women signed on. Duke Law and Technology Review is an e-journal committed to publishing short, timely and accessible essays at the intersection of law and technology. 0000001023 00000 n of Columbia," (The Reporters Committee on Freedom of the Press) (5th Ed. Published since 2006, the journal serves as a practical resource for lawyers, judges, and legislators who confront cutting-edge constitutional and public policy issues, and as a forum for intellectual discourse surrounding these issues. of the 16th Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference Cary Rydberg Award Justice in the Classroom and Courtroom; Co-Chair, Environmental Justice\Racism The staff includes upper-class JD students and several international students earning the LLM degree at Duke. Please note, however, that because of our extensive review process, any submission that is expedited for a date less than one week from when you seek expedited review may be disadvantaged. 2006). (1992). New Cameron Stewart University of Sydney. Senior Online WebIf you are looking to be considered within our editing process, you should aim to submit manuscripts between December and March, as offers of publication are made on a rolling basis. WebDuke Law and Technology Review is an e-journal committed to publishing short, timely and accessible essays at the intersection of law and technology. That said, they recognize there's still more work to be done. Please submit your proposals tolawreview@nyu.edubyMarch 17, 2023. Ch. We encourage centers and institutes to submit joint proposals on topics of mutual interest. Murray, who is also the faculty director for the Birnbaum Women's Leadership Network at NYU Law, is a leading expert in family law, constitutional law, and reproductive rights and justice. Professor Patrick McGinley is a graduate of Dickinson College and the Duke University For more information, see the Duke Law Journal Masthead. locations; Chair, Eastern Mineral Law Foundation, Oil and Gas Special Institute; For terms and use, please refer to our Terms and Conditions In the latter position he was engaged in environmental enforcement and served as an officer and trustee of the Eastern Mineral Law Foundation (now > DLJ. Another wave: more women. %PDF-1.6 % He is also a member of interest lawyers. The journal publishes general-interest articles and student notes in eight issues each year. Professor McGinley has served as Chair, American Law Institute American Bar Association incident, Oil tankers in fiery WV explosion were built with new safety features, Crude oil fires still burning, cause of derailment still mystery, Coal Baron Indicted in Mine Disaster Living on Earth/PRI, WV Coal Country Sees New Era as Donald Blankenship Is Indicted The New York (University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon) for Outstanding Contributions to Public Chapter examines mining laws impact on National Parks and rights of citizens DELPJ is an interdisciplinary semiannual journal with strong connections to Duke Universitys Nicholas School of the Environment that examines environmental issues by drawing on legal, scientific, economic, and public policy resources. Act Survive National League of Cities," 8 N. Ken. ISSN 1939-9111 (Online), The Private Cost of Behavioral Interventions, Nudges, Defaults, and the Problem of Constructed Preferences, Duke University School of LawAccessibility Statement | Contact Duke Law | Duke University Home. L. We are looking to host an event that emphasizes creative doctrinal and impact-oriented discussions and solutions. L. Rev. Every EiC comes in knowing there are big shoes to fill and is very much aware of who else is the same position across other top posts. When asked what this experience and this moment meant to them, Nicole Collins of theStanford Law Review, Christina Wu of theTexas Law Review,Maia Cole of theNew York University Law Reviewand Mary Marshall of theColumbia Law Review, all immediately echoed the responsibility they felt they owed not just to women but to all minorities in their field. Reprinted in 16 The Public Land and Resources Law Digest, 319-345 Holding my breath. We support and encourage open access to legal scholarship. In 1975 Professor McGinley joined the West Virginia University College of Law faculty 0000001201 00000 n 34 ENTL LAW 21 (2004). Anthony Wagner Stanford University. WebDuke Law Journal VOLUME 46 MARCH 1997 NUMBER 5 Editor-in-Chief CLAY C. WHEELER Executive Editor TIM MCCARTHY Managing Editor FAITH D. KASPARIAN Research Editors SUSAN E. KINZ CAITLIN A. SCHMID Article Editors BENJAMIN T. BUTLER DAVID R. ESQUIVEL TRACI L. JONES PATRICIA T. NORTHROP Senior Note Editor CHRISTOPHER P. BEALL While we ensure our publications are accurately substantiated, Forum posts are published without footnotes. Durham, North Carolina, United States Summer Associate Fenwick & West May 2022 - Aug 2022 4 months. Up to two rising third-year students are selected each year on the basis of academic performance during the first two years at Duke Law. It's no secret that law schools tend to carry a competitive atmosphere. endobj startxref "Regulation of Oil and Natural Gas Exploration, Development, and Production Wastes Please feel free to reach out with any questions before the deadline. We no longer accept submissions by e-mail or by postal service. Since1933,DukeLawSchoolhaspublishedthequarterlyLawand Contemporary Problems. 0000011484 00000 n 6 21 2001) (pp. L. in: Tapping Official Secrets, The Door To Open Government in the Fifty States The Journalvalues the contributions of empirical and experimental studies to the legal literature, and accordingly takes special care to ensure transparency and reproducibility in papers that use methodologies typically employed by the social sciences. Editor, Second Annual Institute, Eastern Mineral Law Foundation (1981) (with Fox The journal, which is published electronically three times per year, publishes articles from international scholars and practitioners, and student notes on international, transnational, and comparative law. We accept submission of unsolicited Articles viaScholastica. Ukraine's struggles influence McGinley's work, Center for Consumer Law and Education Staff, Bankrupt coal companies get break on clean-up cost, Peabody Energy's bankruptcy and the demise of big coal, Mining companies paying far less than they should for tax payer-owned coal, Obama carbon rules at issue in Supreme Court turmoil, Misdemeanor pleas led judge to lenient Freedom sentences, Teaching Climate Science in West Virginia, WVU professor discusses legislation and public policy after Freedom Industries 304-293-6823 "Universal Statutes and Planetary Programs: How EPA Has Diluted The Clean Water 2022-2023 School of Law Bulletin. DJCIL welcomes In Summer 2021, she interned at Van Bael & Bellis, an international law firm in Brussels, While it isnt unusual for these EiCs to congratulate each other following elections, Bara did do something a little out of the ordinary when she reached out last May with a proposal for the group. School of Law where he was a member of the Duke Law Journal Editorial Board. Not pictured: Mary Marshall and Erin Delman. The journal also publishes student notes related to past symposia. Alaska has a range ofcutting-edge legalissues intheareas of natural resources law, environmental law, land use planning, economic development, state/federal relations, and Native American rights. Among the Law School's unique strengths are an extensive network of interdisciplinary Requirements: WebThe Duke Law Journal is a student-run law review and the premier legal periodical of Duke University School of Law. The rest of the issue is devoted to articles and comments by professors, practitioners, and judges. the community), (2001). %%EOF Murray, who is also the faculty director for the Birnbaum Women's Leadership Network at NYU Law, is a leading expert in family law, constitutional law, and reproductive rights and justice. initiatives addressing global and international issues. And when the final results came in, she couldn't believe it; every journal at the flagship law review of the top 16 law schools was to be lead by a woman. ). Managing Editor. She is an author of Cases on Reproductive Rights and Justice, the first casebook to cover the field of reproductive rights and justice, and a co-editor of Reproductive Rights and Justice Stories. Professor McGinley has traveled 0000010299 00000 n under federal law to seek protection for the Parks. and U.S. Supreme Court litigation. Mark Rothstein University of Louisville. Examples of pieces we publish include analyses of recent court decisions, op-ed styled critiques of legal doctrines, quick responses to other pieces of scholarship, and briefly worded approaches to legal issues that you feel are rising in importance. The admissions process includes an assessment of source and citation skills, as well as an analysis of legal scholarship. scholarship. Since 1983, Duke Law School has published the Alaska Law Review. WebThe Journal is led by nine editors who sit on the Officer Board and is guided by a Board of Directors composed of alumni, faculty, and YLS representatives. Law and Policy 473-527 (1990). The publication, entitled "Women & Law," contains 14 essays authored by prominent women in the legal community broaching topics such as motherhood, the 19th Amendment and working as a woman of color in the field. Data: TheLaw Review is committed to ensuring the reliability, transparency, and replicability of the empirical studies it publishes. You may opt-out by. Law and Contemporary Problems is monitored by a faculty editorial board and each issue is assembled under the guidance of a special editor. The Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy examines legal issues at the intersection of constitutional litigation and public policy. We publish two general formats: Online Features and Forum entries. The Duke Law Journal is published six times per year, in October, November, December, February, March, and April, at the Duke University School of Law. Its mission is to prepare students for responsible and productive lives in the Abstract: Please include a short abstract with your submission. Cooperation or Prologue to Future Controversy?," 16 Eastn Min. 1017-1023 (1994). Professor McGinley has been recognized by the Environmental Policy Institute for at the national and international levels in efforts to improve the law and legal Oregon Public Interest Law Conference: Cary Rydberg Award for AOutstanding Contributions The journal also publishes an online supplement called Duke Law Journal Online that publishes short, lightly-edited responses to the Journals published pieces as well as other timely commentary at the same high level of quality as the print edition. 0000011597 00000 n to many countries in connection with his work with grassroots environmental public Professor The Cornell Law Review publishes seven print issues annually consisting of articles, essays, book reviews, and student notes. Duke Law and Technology Review. Home Sarah Rispin Sedlak sarah.rispin.sedlak@duke.edu Journal of Law and the Biosciences 304 Research Dr, WebBio: At Duke Law, Mark is the Notes Editor for the Law & Contemporary Problems journal and the Special Projects Editor for the Duke Law & Technology Review. He was a founder "Legal Problems Relating to Ownership of Gas Found in Coal Deposits," 80 W. Va. After over a decade of silence, and fourteen years since its landmark decision in District of Columbia v.Heller, the Supreme Court has fundamentally expanded and reshaped Second Amendment protection once again in New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn v.Bruen.In light of the Courts decision in Bruenand the role of race-based arguments in Melissa Murray, the Frederick I. and Grace Stokes Professor of Law at New York University School of Law, gives the annual Brainerd Currie Memorial Lecture. FAQ | 17 (1987). For more information, please get in touch with Miranda Campbell at mac193@duke.edu. Edited by students, the journal is among the most prestigious and influential legal publications in the country. victories for the public interest. (2000). collaboration across the Duke campus and an emphasis in teaching and research Program Chair, WVU College of Law: A Discussion of Public Corruption; Chair, American Fax: 304-293-6891 Duke Law Journal Although Duke University is young by comparison to other major American universities, 5 (1985). We will consider Articles co-authored by J.D. For your planning purposes, we currently have space at NYU booked for the symposium from 9:00am to 5:00pm onFriday, October 6, 2023. We strongly encourage submissions of fewer than 25,000 words, including footnotes (roughly 50 journal pages). 0000001297 00000 n Started in 1951 as the Duke Bar Journal, DLJ publishes eight issues each year. 1-42 (1996)(w/ D. Michael Miller and G. Milton McCarthy). <>stream for Awinning exceptional victories for the public interest. 445-474 (1976). ( w/ Fox). The Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law was established in 1990. This past academic year, however, ushered in a new first: women leading the masthead of each top law journal. "The Four Corners Requirement: A Constitutional Prerequisite to Search Warrant Reflections on the Vitality of the Federal System in the Context 1997 Duke University School of Law WebNita Farahany, Director of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society and Professor of Law and Philosophy, is one of the three founding co-editors in chief of JLB, with I. Glenn Cohen "Acid Coal Mine Drainage: Past Pollution and Current Regulation," 17 Duq. Workshop, Society of American Law Teachers Annual Meeting (University of Minnesota 0000007077 00000 n McGinley served as a law clerk to a Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers For Public Justice Foundation: 2000 Public Justice Achievement Award The Online team seeks pieces by students, practitioners, and established legal scholars alike, and aims to publish them more quickly than print Articles. Institute, Chapter 11 ( pp. Authors are expected to provide the Law Review with these materials before the printing phase of our production schedule. Duke University School of Law publishes the full text of its eight journals in free and accessible online formatat law.duke.edu/scholarship/journals. and Friedberg. The State?," 99 W.V.L.Rev. To meet the needs of this diverse legal community, the Alaska Bar Association contracted with Duke Law School to provide a professional law journal. My Account | 0000000016 00000 n "Environmental Justice and Racism: Making The Connection In Classrooms And Courtrooms," All 1Ls are invited to meet the editors of the Duke Law Journal, Alaska Law Review, Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum, Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law, Duke Law & Technology Review, Law and Contemporary Problems, and Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy. What Gabriella Ravida, who served as only the second black woman at the helm of the country's oldest law journal,The University of Pennsylvania Law Review, would have wanted to have on her desk. WebDuke Law and Technology Review is an e-journal committed to publishing short, timely and accessible essays at the intersection of law and technology. It has no law school, but has the highest number of lawyers per capita of any American state. We may request to meet with you during the week of March 20 to further discuss your proposal, and we anticipate making a decision by March 28. and administrative law. and mine safety litigation. Each issue is devoted to papers on a particular topic of contemporary interest. Already, most of the women who led these journals over the past academic year have passed on the torch to a new leader, but they've left a pretty big mark and, by many accounts, have grown the big shoes they were set to fill a year ago. American Bar Association Course of Study: Legal Issues in the Eastern Coal Industry, WebThe Duke Law Journal is a student-run law review and the premier legal periodical of Duke University School of Law. Gender Bias: The Trauma Women Experience Testifying In Family Court, Amanda Seyfried, EarthDay.org On Hope, Ingenuity, Empowering Kids At Climate Leadership Gala, After 41 Years Nicole Fosse Brings Dancin Back To Broadway, Jean Case On Impact Investing, ESG And Women Can Be The Secret Sauce, Trouble Sleeping? About | Alaska Law Review. Resources Forum 261-270. 257-270 (1979). the Federalism Mantra," 71 U. Oregon L. Rev. Contact Information for Patrick C. McGinley, [emailprotected] WebDuke Law. I cover the intersection of gender and politics. In the past, some authors have been faced with the pressure of having to make a decision about an offer from another journal before we are able to complete our review process. WebFounded in 1915, the Cornell Law Review is a student-run and student-edited journal that strives to publish novel scholarship that will have an immediate and lasting impact on the legal community. Process Analysis in Constitutional Law," 17 Envtl. TheNYU Law Review Online continues to accept submissions. It's exactly what Noor Hasan would have wanted to read while preparing to lead one of the most diverse staffs theCalifornia Law Reviewhad ever seen. 369-395 (1978). To reflect the inclusion of faculty scholarship, the Approximately forty upper- level law students serve on the editorial staff of this publication. Room 114. Duke Law Journal. The NYU Law Review Online accepts and encourages submissions that are concise, timely, and accessible to readers outside of legal academia. "Separation Of Powers, State Constitutions, And The Attorney General: Who Represents The journal is distinctive among professional legal publications in both approach and content. 288-318 (1979). These topics often reflect an interdisciplinary perspective with contributions by lawyers, economists, social scientists, scholars in other disciplines, and public officials.

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